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Customers help raise £15,000

In less than four weeks, you lovely, generous and kind Three Cheers customers have helped raise a whopping £15,000 to help change the lives of children with disabilities in Kenya.


This Christmas, we kindly asked you to donate £1 at the bottom of your bill for our ‘Change a Child’s Life’ Campaign and you did so in spades. In fact, you over reached our initial target by a massive £3,000. For every £1 you donated, we doubled the amount.


The money you’ve helped raise will go to the quietly brilliant Kivuli Trust who provide a home, education and hope to previously ‘forgotten’ children. One hundred percent of the money will fund the purchase of solar powered water heaters and for playground at the two hostels they run in Gigil. A hot shower and the chance to play are things our children often take for granted. In Gigil, this will make a massive difference. It will be the first time these children have had a hot shower or the chance to have fun in a playground.


Currently, just one percent of children with disabilities can attend school in Kenya. They are most often kept at home in dispiriting circumstances due to stigma or ignorance. The Kivuli hostels and the education they offer now act as a beacon of hope for these children and their families.


Tom Peake, co-owner of Three Cheers Pub Co, said: “We knew we wanted to make a difference but the result of this campaign has been immense. We raised much more than we expected which is all down to the amazing generosity of our loyal customers. We’ve been quietly supporting Kivuli since 2009 and it’s great to do something as life changing as this. Thank you.”


Note: The ‘Change a Child’s Life for £1’ campaign ran from 1st – 24th December 2016. The £1 on the bottom of each bill was optional. If you would like to donate straight away please visit Just Giving and mention Three Cheers Pubs campaign in the message section.