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Free Bloody Mary on New Year’s Day

Hands up if you’re planning on having a hangover on New Year’s Day.


Hands up if you’d rather it be one of those nice ones. The kind of hangover that makes your mates seem extra lovely, everything seem extra funny and food taste extra yummy, so much so you can’t stop eating.


Let us help. We are giving everyone a FREE Bloody Mary* on New Year’s Day to ease you the right way into 2020. Our pubs open at 11am**, allowing time for necessary shut-eye (essential if you want a nice hangover). Whatever your hangover food go to (cheeeese, melted cheese, on anything, juicy burger, pizza, chips or even delicious detox salads, we have the lot) simply order a main course, mention the offer and the Bloody Mary is yours on the house. Let the magic mix of ingredients dissolve the pain and push on like the boss you are. Everyone knows New Year’s resolutions don’t start until the 2nd January anyway. Our pubs close at 10.30pm, giving you time to re-group before work (and to save you getting carried away again – we’ve all done it!)


There’s something about Mary. Three Cheers for FREE Bloody Mary’s at London’s favourite pubs. Happy 2020!


*One free Bloody Mary per person when mentioning the offer. One main course must be ordered. No alternatives.
**The Avalon is not open on New Year’s Day. All other Three Cheers Pubs are open.