• open kitchens charity

When Covid-19 struck, the pubs were closed and the UK was forced into Lockdown, we at Three Cheers Pub Co were determined to help those in need in our local community.

We started by joining forces with Open Kitchens, an amazing non-profit organisation who help feed the elderly and vulnerable as well as our brave NHS staff.

We then pulled together a team of Three Cheers employees who were happy to dedicate their time and skills for free to the cause. Boyed by their kindness, we then started to fundraise in order to purchase the ingredients and resources necessary for the job.

Our initial fundraising target was £2,220 which would produce 1,200 individually packed nutritious meals. It cost just £1.85 to create such a meal so even the smallest of donations would make a direct impact. The generosity of our customers was immense. We smashed our original target and finally raised £6,785, all of which helped those who were struggling during this notoriously difficult period. We even worked with suppliers who donated goods for free too.

Every weekend we cooked and prepared over 500 meals at The Rosendale in Dulwich. We chose this fantastic pub as it had the largest kitchens which meant our team were able to socially distance and remain as safe as possible. The initiative only came to a close as the pubs re-opened. It was such a success, we however plan to work with Open Kitchens again at Christmas which can be a difficult time for many.

We are very proud of our wonderful customers and staff who joined forces in the darkest of times. It says everything you need to know about what local pubs mean what they can do for their local community.