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Stunning new garden at The Avalon

The newly renovated garden at The Avalon pub in Clapham. Images may be used free of charge subject to the following conditions: 1) The image is used in publicity or editorial material promoting Three Cheers Pub Co. provided the use of each image is strictly non-commercial. 2) The photographer is credited as indicated above. 3) Images may not of themselves be used to generate income, nor be sold, or given, for use to third parties.

The English summer has arrived and so has a brand new rear garden at The Avalon.


Previously named one of Time Out’s best pub gardens, we have taken things up a notch to create something we think you’ll love even more.


The beautiful and bespoke south London oasis now has its very own alfresco bar and kitchen. Draft beer, summery cocktails and quality wine complement the new seasonal menu (available inside and out) featuring dishes straight from the outdoor Josper grill and rotisserie.


There is a giant feasting table perfect for parties, deluxe heated wooden booths as well as an Ibiza-esque area strewn with white lights and oversize cushions on which to while away the evening. Better yet, you can now book a table or area to secure your spot in this new summer sanctuary.


Advocates for all things British, just like us, will appreciate that all the materials we used originate from our homeland with wood sourced from sustainable, managed woodlands in Dorset.


If you haven’t been yet, what are you waiting for? It’s supposed to be a heat wave this weekend. Oh…hang on…don’t they say that every weekend 🙂