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Dine with us and support StreetSmart

As autumn sets in, we automatically start thinking about cosy nights, hearty winter meals and gathering with friends and family. But for the 6,500 people who sleep rough every year in London, this time of year is altogether less appealing.

Homelessness affects men and women from every walk of life and colder weather brings with it a new set of threats. Sleeping rough has very serious consequences: life expectation plummets and homeless people are thirteen times more likely to be a victim of violent crime.

This is where StreetSmart comes in: an organisation which teams up with pubs and restaurants across the capital every year to raise money for homeless charities.

Dine at any Three Cheers pub between 25th November and Christmas Eve, and you will be given the opportunity to add £1 to your total bill, which will be donated directly to StreetSmart.

Since the initiative was founded in 1998, £7.4 million has been raised for local homeless charities. £1 is such a small amount for most of us, but ends up making a huge difference to the charities who receive it.

All the projects that are funded by StreetSmart aim to get people off the street and back onto their feet. Here are some of the wonderful things your £1 will help StreetSmart provide…

– Supported housing

– Education and training

– Support for homeless youths

– Day centres

– Family mediation

– Counselling

In November and December of 2014, StreetSmart raised £551,000. Lets see if we can top it this year. You can find out more about StreetSmart and the brilliant work they are doing here.